Why You Should Not Shop On Thanksgiving Day

I’ve always been against shopping on Thanksgiving for the longest time. I mean, why couldn’t people just wait ONE MORE DAY for Black Friday to roll around? People couldn’t possibly be that selfish and money hungry to not take into account people’s feelings, right? Wrong.

It’s well known that Black Friday is supposedly the best shopping day of the entire year. Sales and deals galore. It became so popular that it extended through the entire weekend after Thanksgiving: Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday eventually came along. You would think that an entire weekend would be enough for the average consumer to get the best deals….but no, money hungry corporate America decides that an extra day would be better. Hmmmm, how about the Tuesday after Cyber Monday? No, how about Thanksgiving! That would be a perfect idea (*insert sarcastic tone). I’ve even been getting emails from companies advertising early Black Friday deals. It’s honestly a little crazy (though I’d rather people shop online deals than in store ones). It’s hitting me extra hard this year because for the first time in 23 years, my mom won’t be home for Thanksgiving. Instead, she’ll be working a 12 hour shift from 11am-11pm. It kills me that retail stores don’t care about people’s family and friends. Those workers you see in those stores obviously have people who love and care about them and who want to be with them on Thanksgiving! Why are we supporting stores that are tearing people away from the ones they love?

I recently went to the mall 2 days before Thanksgiving and it was pretty empty. One can only wish retail stores were like this on Thanksgiving Day

I recently went to the mall 2 days before Thanksgiving and it was pretty empty. One can only wish retail stores were like this on Thanksgiving Day

My mom is one of the hardest workers you’ll EVER meet and she’s too good for her job. Compared to her, I would probably be fired as I wouldn’t show up if I was scheduled for Thanksgiving. The people working on Thanksgiving probably have no choice but to work. They need the money and of course stores offer an incentive to work: overtime pay or whatever else it may be. If these people must work on Thanksgiving, the least we can do is not shop. Let them have an easy day since they’re away from their family. They definitely don’t need stress (which if you haven’t worked retail, it’s a LIVING HELL). “Top 5 Reasons Why Working Retail Sucks” I personally will NEVER shop on Thanksgiving. This year only solidifies my belief. I’m feeling a bunch of emotions and originally planned on visiting my mom at work but realized if they see anybody walking through that door, they win. They’ll think that people support this idea and will keep opening on future Thanksgivings.

Here’s a brief list of what stores I won’t support and are OPEN ON THANKSGIVING:

  • Target

  • Best Buy

  • CVS

  • J.C Penney

  • Walmart

  • Stop n Shop

For the full list of what stores are open and what stores are closed, you can click the button below.


Hopefully if you were even thinking of shopping this Thanksgiving, you’ll think twice. Those items won’t be gone forever if they do happen to sell out on Thanksgiving. I hope everyone remembers a thing called ONLINE SHOPPING. Almost everything and anything is available online. If it’s not in stores you can get it online. I do think a majority of people don’t shop on Thanksgiving. Those who do, I personally believe live alone or don’t have close relationships with anyone or are just purely selfish and all about saving money. For those who don’t support Thanksgiving Day shopping, they most likely believe in the traditional belief of spending time with loved ones and all are about Black Friday shopping. Believe me, I get excited for Black Friday. But once again, holiday shopping is off limits for me (for example, Christmas).

So for anyone reading this, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving! I’ll be back with another post on Black Friday and please cherish the time you have with your family.