Top 5 Short Girl Problems

Ah yes, being short. I’m below the average woman’s height which I believe is around 5 foot 4 inches. I come in at an amazing 5 feet flat. I stopped growing in the 7th grade when I was 12 years old and before I donated a bunch of my old shoes to charity I could still fit in them. Now you may have heard that guys like short girls and that we’re called fun sized ( I don’t know what to say about that), that there couldn’t be anything bad about being short right? Well…. I put together some things that I’ve experienced and maybe some of my fellow shorties out there will agree. So here are my top 5 short girl problems.

1) Clothes don’t fit

This mainly relates to pants since most are tailored to women of average height. You have no idea how many pants I’ve wanted to buy (mainly those flare bottomed pants with those crazy patterns) and couldn’t because they dragged about a foot off my body (not even exaggerating). The only way to fit certain pants is to wear heels and for those who hate heels (ME!) that’s a dealbreaker.

2) You’re always mistaken as younger than you really are

Now if you’re one of those people with a baby face like me then there’s no escaping this. I’ve already been told that I look like I’m 15…I’m 23! Being short on top of that only makes matters worse. I don’t drink alcohol but I always wonder what someone’s reaction to me buying a drink would be. Words used to describe short girls usually are cute and adorable, not hot or sexy.

3) Driving can be a challenge

Before I got my new car, I was driving a 1993 Toyota corolla. If you didn’t know, the seats don’t adjust so I had to buy a seat cushion to prop me up a couple inches or else I literally couldn’t see over the steering wheel. Fast forward to today where I can adjust my seat, wheel and mirrors, I still find myself going on blind luck when I make right hand turns. I can’t see the curb whatsoever so I go on luck sometimes ( I get lucky pretty often but in the beginning I wasn’t so lucky). Things I avoid doing are backing up into parking spots in other cars are around and parallel parking. Funny thing is when I was first learning how to drive, I ran up on the curb and knocked the rim off the car….

4) Weight gain is unforgiving

Since your body is already compressed, any weight added on can’t be distributed evenly. Tall women are able to cheat and still look slender since it’s more spread out. This is probably the reason why I go on yearly diets to get things back on track.

5) You can’t reach ANYTHING!

This is pretty self explanatory. If you can’t reach something on your tippy toes then you’re screwed. In come the macho men to save the day ( I’m all for it) My worst enemies: the kitchen and the stockroom at work.

P.S. I was gonna leave it at 5 things but I have to include a bonus point: Guys don’t take you serious when you’re mad. They still think you’re cute and adorable.