Nike Boycott Controversy: Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick

Nike is one of my favorite brands but I still want to write this in an unbiased view. Recently, Nike released an ad featuring their signature slogan “Just Do It” featuring Colin Kaepernick. You may know him as being the pioneer of kneeling during the national anthem during football games. You can watch the ad below:

You may have also heard about the backlash surrounding him being the face of the ad. He initially started kneeling to protest the police brutality towards African Americans. Others interpreted it as him hating our country (as an African American myself, I feel like unless you are a minority in America, you won’t truly understand why he’s doing this). The murders of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner (just to name a few) showed how police were using excessive force that was unwarranted. Kneeling brought attention to this fact but also in my opinion started a kind of racial war. It sparked racism from both ends (alienated whites and blacks while also bringing blacks together in common agreement). I don’t believe Nike did this to intentionally start up racist propaganda. They chose him because he’s a leader in what he believes. He’s not protesting violently, it’s a silent but effective tactic. I personally wouldn’t kneel for the national anthem but I also applaud someone who’s taking a stand (We need more people like that in general to stand up for something that might be controversial but also for the greater good). Now as for people protesting Nike, they still love Nike but since Colin’s name is now attached to it (for the moment) they’re going to rebel in hopes Nike takes the ad down or doesn’t partner with Colin again. Burning shoes and other Nike products does absolutely nothing (they already spent their money so why would Nike care?) It’s the same thing that Colin’s doing so why is no one attacking these people for acting childish? If any other brand sponsored Colin Kaepernick I bet these same people would also boycott that brand. It’s not a boycott on Nike, it’s a boycott on Colin. I honestly feel bad for him and will continue to support what he’s doing ( and support Nike). If anything, Nike won because their sales spiked since the boycotts.

Final Verdict: The Nike ad was really good, I feel bad for Colin Kaepernick, the people burning Nike products are being childish, and I still love Nike.

P.S. This post was not meant to offend anyone