How To Choose The Best Seat On A Plane

I got the inspiration to write this post because of a picture I recently posted on Instagram. It was a picture I took in the window seat above the wing of the plane, looking out over a beautiful sky. I received a comment thanking me for the piece of advice I mentioned and thought I’d share it with everyone, along with a few more tips.

For those wondering how I know which seats are the best for what, I ended up doing some research before my last vacation. I last flew in 2017 and before that last trip, the time I flew before that was back in 2007. So yeah, 10 years in between and I completely forgot how it was like to fly. I wanted to know any and everything so I could know what to expect. I forgot where I learned these tips but I at least remembered the tips themselves.

You may have heard that the best seats include window seats, exit row seats, and seats towards the front of the plane. You might not even know why that is but I’m going to be talking all about it.

Best Seats For Safety

The best seats for safety are the ones in the back of the plane. That may be shocking since most people avoid the back of the plane because you’re the last to exit. But it’s been proven that in the case of a crash, if a plane were to break apart, the seats near the tail of the plane stay intact with the tail. Seats in the back aren’t good if you don’t like a lot of turbulence though.

Best Seats For Comfort

The best seats for comfort are exit row seats. Exit row seats sometimes don’t contain a full row of seats like the others and since there needs to be more space in front of the seats for access to the door, that means more leg room! Another mention is aisle seats. Great for not feeling confined in the window or dreaded middle seat and you’ll be able to stretch your legs if needed. Plus you’ll have easier access to get up and walk around without disturbing your neighbor.

Best Seats For Quick Exit

We all know people love to stand up and get their luggage before the doors open. If you sit in the back or middle of the plane, you know this can take up to 30 minutes or longer for you to be able to get off. This is where the front seats come in handy. Usually, you’ll find business class or people who paid extra just to reserve these “special seats”. It’s pretty self-explanatory: being towards the front of the plane, aka near the door, means getting on and off the plane faster.

Best Seats For Less Turbulence

Now, these seats are my personal favorite. Sitting over the wing provides the least amount of turbulence. It might be hard to explain but just image a see-saw. The front and back go up and down while the middle stays still. It’s the same with the middle of a plane (of course you will still feel turbulence, just not as bad as the front or back).

Best Seats In General

Last but not least, and another one of mine and probably everyone else’s favorite, window seats. If you like views and aren’t scared of heights then these are the best seats. It’s also great if you don’t want to sit next to a stranger and you’re with someone you know (it’s ok to be selfish).

Now that we got the best seats out of the way, I figured I’d add some seats to avoid as well.

Seats To Generally Avoid

  • Middle Seats: no one likes to be squished next to 2 strangers

  • Back of plane seats: no one likes to be next to the smelly dirty bathrooms and turbulence is bad back there


Do you have a favorite seat on a plane? Let me know in the comments! Also, shoutout to my fellow window seat and over wing seat fans!