Ghost or Burglar: We Were Visited That Night

This post was inspired by me watching one too many scary paranormal youtube videos. I’ve been sick with the Flu so you can’t blame a girl. This was honestly the scariest thing to date that has ever happened to me and I’m grateful I still remember some of what happened that night. So, if you’re a fan of scary stories, stay tuned! And yes I know this story would’ve been perfect around Halloween but oh well….Happy Holidays!

This event takes place when I lived in my childhood hometown of Deer Park, NY. I was about 11 or 12 years old and my brother was either 10 or 11 years old. My mom has always been an extremely hard worker so we were often left home alone. Even at that age, I was considered “mom” when my mom wasn’t home. I would look after my brother, cook, and all that good stuff. We never had any bad experiences prior to this night. I remember my uncle spent a couple hours at our house that day and by the time he was leaving, it was completely dark outside. Our landlord upstairs wasn’t home at this time either. Me and my brother were watching tv: he was in the living room and I was sitting at the kitchen table. No more than a couple minutes after my uncle had left, the kitchen lights randomly turned off. Every single light turned off. I found that weird, usually if it was a faulty bulb only one light would turn off…not all of them. (we had recessed lighting, the lights where there are holes in the ceiling where the bulbs screw in) My brother started freaking out but because I was the mom figure I tried to stay calm for him. But best believe, I was freaking out on the inside and so scared. So we continued watching tv.

A little info about our house: it was a 2 bedroom apartment in a 2 family house. Our entrance was on the side of the house on the first floor but we had a window that allowed us to see out front. Me and my brother’s room had a sliding glass door. We also had an experience or two where at nighttime we would hear footsteps in our kitchen. Everyone was in bed so we had no explanation and our dog was too small to make such loud steps.

A little info about our uncle: he was a joker. He loved to have fun and make me and my brother laugh. He could be serious when needed though.

Someone or something was at our window that night

Someone or something was at our window that night

This is where things get a little hazy. For some reason, me and my brother ended up going into our mom’s room which is right next to our room. We were hiding from something or someone ( I can’t remember if we heard something outside prior to us hiding). We didn’t go in our room because of the big sliding glass door. Here’s where it gets really scary. As me and my brother were sitting on the floor next to our mom’s bed, we saw lights shining in through her windows. Since we were young and dumb, we forgot to close the blinds in her room. They looked like they were coming from a flashlight and immediately me and my brother started hiding underneath her bed. It was a tight fit but somehow we managed. I don’t know how long we hid in her room for but eventually we called our mom who was at work. We were crying and she panicked and called her good friend who used to babysit us when we were younger. She arrived and noticed no one around our house. Me and my brother were obviously very upset so she knew we weren’t lying. My mom eventually came home and that’s where this ends.

I wish I remembered more of what happened that night and had a more conclusive ending. We never found out who or what was by our window. Looking back at what happened, I had thoughts that maybe my uncle was joking around with us. But I don’t believe he would take it to that level, especially with how young we were. We never asked him or told him what happened after he left. I also think that someone might’ve found the fuse box outside and cut the lights. Why else would only the kitchen lights turn off and other lights in the house work just fine? Now, the lights shining through the window. I still to this day believe that those were coming from a flashlight. Just the way they were moving and scanning the room, I fully believe I saw what I saw. My brother clearly saw them as well. I believe that an actual person came to our house and was trying to break in. I asked my brother earlier today what he thought happened and he thinks nothing happened and that we were just young and scared. I even asked my mom what she thought and she said she thinks someone was trying to break in or it was our uncle.

It’s funny because before I even had the idea to write about this, I was having dreams where I was back in that old house. They were nightmares where my family was trying to prevent someone or something from getting inside the house. Maybe it was fate that led me to write about this.

Let me ask you guys: what do you think happened? Was it just our imagination? A burglar? Our uncle playing around with us? Or do you think it could be paranormal related? Feel free to let me know what you think!