Get To Know Me! Q&A

It’s officially been 3 months since I started blogging! I’ve given everyone the chance to ask me any questions they might have for me and I’m pretty excited to answer. Hopefully at the end of this, you feel more comfortable and realize I’m just your average girl who loves writing for others. I’m splitting up the questions into 2 categories: personal and blogging. For those who want to know more about me, check out personal. For those who want more info about blogging, check out blogging. Also, if you haven’t already, check out the “About Me” tab for a quick overview about me.


Personal Questions

What’s your name?

  • Chon’telle. (pronounced Sean-tell)

How old are you?

  • 23 years old.

When’s your birthday?

  • May 31st.

Where are you from?

  • Originally I’m from Huntington, New York. I moved to Deer Park, NY when I was 7 years old and lived there for 11 years before moving to West Babylon, NY where I now currently live.

Do you have any siblings?

  • Yes, I have 3 brothers and a sister. I’m the 4th child out of 5.

What’s your astrological sign?

  • Gemini! I have 2 sides to me: my sweet innocent side and then my serious don’t mess with me side.

Did you go to college?

  • Yes! I went to Molloy College for registered nursing. I attended for 3 years before dropping out due to a back injury.

Do you have any hobbies?

  • I love gardening, my house is full of random plants. It has to be genetic since my mom’s side of the family has nothing but gardeners. I also LOVE music. I listen to music when I’m writing my blog posts and pretty much anytime I’m in the house. I always have my headphones on. You can also find me collecting tech…I may have a spending problem on technology products. I love to buy the latest and greatest tech (even if I have no use for it). For example, I bought smart lights, a smart air conditioner, indoor security system, an Apple laptop AND desktop, etc.

Do you have social media?

  • Yes! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. (click the icons below!) P.S.- Instagram is my favorite.

Apple or Android?

  • Apple.

What’s your favorite color?

  • Blue.

Do you have any pets?

  • I have 1 dog, a Shorkie (Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier mix).

What’s your dream job?

  • It was to be a Nurse…but now I’m not completely sure. I definitely want to work in an office environment in the meantime while I figure this out. NO MORE RETAIL FOR ME!

How would you describe yourself?

  • Shy, quiet, emotional, reserved, sarcastic, serious and caring. I told you guys that I have 2 different sides to me ( don’t mess with me haha)

Blogging Questions

Why did you start blogging?

  • I’d been thinking about blogging for about a year or two prior to finally starting. I needed a backup plan since college wasn’t working out for me and I was brainstorming things I was interested in. The final push came when things ended between me and an alcoholic and I needed something to distract me. I needed something to take my mind off what happened. So basically, my brother pushing me to do something I was passionate about and heartbreak helped me start blogging.

What site do you use to blog?

  • I use Squarespace, though I know most other bloggers use Wordpress.

Is it free to have a blogging site?

  • Yes and no. It’s free if you don’t want to have an actual personalized domain name (for example is my personalized domain name). A free domain name will have the name of the host site in it (for example

Do you recommend paying for a domain?

  • Yes! It looks more professional and you’re able to customize EVERYTHING on your site. It’s yours and you own it!

Do you plan your posts ahead of time?

  • Yes and no. For the most part I do. I have a whiteboard that I hang right next to my bed where I write ideas for posts. I constantly go back and erase and add new ideas. Then other times, I have an idea that I write about same day or I have an experience that I write about. My first month of blogging was purely spontaneous since I was writing everyday, Monday through Friday, and was just trying to get my blog full with enough content to hold everyone over.

How do you find topics to write about?

  • The goal of my blog is to be as relatable as possible to other women. I write purely about personal experiences and try to make it into a lesson I learned. I try to avoid writing about stuff I don’t know much about since it wouldn’t be authentic. Since I write about personal experiences, I don’t usually have a hard time coming up with topics.

How long is the blog writing process?

  • It takes me between 1 and 2 hours to write everything down, edit, and then post. This doesn’t include the time it takes for me to post on social media about new posts or changing ads.

How often do you write new posts?

  • New posts are up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I try my hardest to stick to this schedule to keep the creative juices flowing and to keep my readers entertained. There are some times where I truly can’t post though ( I had a week where I didn’t write due to personal issues and yes, I still plan on writing about that)

Do you care about competition?

  • Honestly, no. I don’t check out what other people are writing about because I don’t want to overthink what I’m doing. I’m doing this because it’s fun and motivating and don’t want to get discouraged if I see I don’t have as much growth as others. I do care about my Instagram though. That is a direct representation of me and influences if people will check out my site.

Do you handle everything on your site yourself?

  • Yes, from writing to editing, design, and ads. I do everything myself and want to keep it that way. It makes this process much more personal that way.

What’s your favorite blog topic?

  • It’s pretty close between dating and health.

I plan on making more posts about my blogging experience and what things I use to blog and more information about blogging on Squarespace for those interested. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little Q&A and see me as more relatable. I really enjoy writing for you guys and if there is anything you ever want me to write about or ask me, feel free to send me a message! If you would like another Q&A post, definitely let me know.