Favorite Fall Destination: Belmont Lake State Park

Hey guys and happy November! I know I haven’t been posting much (which isn’t like me) but I’ve been going through some personal problems that I eventually want to talk to you about in another post. I’ve been focusing on my health to say the least. Today my family decided we should spend some quality time together and visit our favorite Fall destination spot: Belmont Lake State Park. We’re already halfway through Fall so of course I had to post something Fall related and this was the perfect opportunity.

For those who aren’t from New York (or specifically, Long Island), Belmont Lake State Park is a nice spot to relax if you’re into walking nature trails, people watching, grilling with friends and family, walking your dog, bike riding, horse riding, and of course having fun on the lake itself. Deep into the park you’ll find little creeks and different little paths that branch off from the main one. There’s also exercise stations available (me and my brother used to always do them when we were younger). It’s become a family tradition of ours that every Fall we go there at least once to take in the beautiful change in colors of the leaves, and of course there’s plenty of that. Luckily it was a beautiful day: nice and sunny and it wasn’t cold (woohoo!). For everyone local, stop by before it gets too cold and all the leaves have fallen! I took plenty of pictures for you guys so feel free to check them out below!