My Experience

I was asked at work the other what my background was by one of the temporary workers. I was excited as I finally had the answers. I always dreaded when someone would ask me where I’m from because I really wasn’t sure. I had an idea but not enough to be confident to tell anyone. My grandma (mom’s side) was adopted so she didn’t have any information to give my mom, plus she died when my mom was around 10 years old. Now on my dad’s side, he had no idea just because he didn’t ask…and his parent’s also died when he was young. I was told we had some Irish and Native American in our blood. I was skeptical about the Irish portion and definitely wanted to know what parts of Africa I was from as well. I was embarrassed and always told myself as soon as it was possible to get tested I would.

I ended up getting tested in March 2017. It was a sale for I believe $79 but actual price is $99. You get a kit in the mail where you send a sample of your saliva in a test tube via mail back to them. A little gross but worth it. It takes about 3 days for them to receive it, and in my case took about 2 months for my results to come back. You don’t pay for shipping, they have everything covered. They also warn you about long wait times whenever they have a sale…I should have known. They email you when your results are ready. When you log in to their website it brings you to a world map with different percentages of which countries you’re from. The countries are highlighted in different colors for you.


You can then look at each country percentage and get a detailed look at each country. I was a little shocked at the European countries, but then I looked up that most African Americans have around 20% European blood. It makes sense since the slave masters were known to rape the slaves.

From there you can see how your ancestors migrated during specific years, in my case it shows the progress from slavery down south to freedom up north and out west.

The nice thing is that your DNA results keep updating with time as the testing technology advances. Some of the percentages have changed since the last time I checked. So I would highly suggest getting a test, there’s other sites out there as well, another well known one is 23 and Me but the AncestryDNA commercials got me hooked. If you’re patient, try to catch the test on sale (cheaper but longer test results wait). I’m happy I can finally tell people what I really am (I don’t tell them everything though, that would take years). My mom even took a test, which was pretty cool to see how my percentages through her got a little bit lower. Next up is my dad, now that I’m curious about. To see my previous results click below.

A bonus, you’re DNA results are compared to other members and you’re told if you have a potential family connection. You’re able to message the other person if there’s a match and add them to your family tree. They even connect you to specific Spotify playlists that match your origins ( I found that funny, but a nice touch).

One final thing, I’ve heard people voice concerns over privacy, conspiracies like the government is watching your every move and now they have you on file. I’m not paranoid about any invasion of privacy, and if I remember correctly, they ask you if you’d like your DNA on file to update periodically ( I said yes). So don’t be worried about that stuff. Now the question is, Would you try an Ancestry DNA test? Click the button below to check out their website.