Why Diets Are So Hard To Do

I obviously love food

Diets. Losing weight. Being healthy. It all sounds so simple, but IT’S NOT! I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m currently trying to lose weight. I’ve been successful so far, 9 pounds lost in 6 weeks isn’t so bad. I still have a little ways to go but I’m proud of myself. I’ve told you guys that I use a meal replacement shake to replace breakfast most days of the week along with portion control (If you haven’t read that post, you can click below)

Despite what they say, I don’t exercise. You might have heard the saying “Losing weight is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise” so there’s my excuse. ( I mean, hey it works) I also have my job to thank, it routinely helps me get at least 10,000 steps each day, which is the recommended amount. Now onto the hard part. When I tell people that I get severe headaches when I stop eating sugar, they just stare at me like I’m crazy. Sugar withdrawal is a real thing. Sugar acts like a drug, your body becomes dependent upon it to function. So whenever I start losing weight, I immediately feel like death. When I say sugar, I don’t just mean pure sugar but carbs. Those first couple days I always want to quit. The cravings destroy me, almost to the point where it’s all I think about. Cravings and sugar withdrawal are the main enemies. Lucky for me that my willpower is pretty good so I don’t give in to cravings often. Another enemy that I have control over is counting calories. Some people say you NEED to count calories. What I’d tell those people is NO WAY! It becomes obsessive and can be unhealthy in my opinion. Plus it’s unrealistic. You can’t track calories for every single little thing you eat in a day. Unless you sit at home and do nothing.

Now you might be wondering why I’m talking about this. Well, I cheated last week and am paying the price. As I’m writing this right now, I have one of my dreaded sugar withdrawal headaches. And when I say I cheated, I mean eating multiple brownie platters within a few days…by myself…without sharing. So the message of this quick little post is that diets suck. Diets are hard. Diets are not fun.

Maybe you guys experience the same things I do when cutting back sugar and carbs. Feel free to comment what things you go through when dieting. And a quick update: I’m also planning on trying something new for my weight loss. Stay tuned for a review!