Trying A Meal Replacement Shake For The First Time: Is It Worth It?

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Food is my never ending love. I’m 5 feet tall with an appetite of a 6 foot man. For the people who can eat just about anything and not gain weight, I hate you. Not really but I guess my metabolism had other plans. I’m known to go on yearly diets, mainly to achieve my “summer body” (which only stays around until about Christmas time). Now by diet you may be thinking cutting out all carbs and sugars and other processed junk. But no, my main weapon is portion control. For the most part I still eat carbs, don’t grudgingly add any and every fruit and vegetable known to man, and barely exercise. So sure, it may not sound like a diet but it works.


I decided on the GNC Lean Shake by doing a simple google search. It listed different options and I remembered I had a local GNC shop near my house, so I stopped by. The associate gave me some recommendations based off my diet goal, and I ended up bringing home the shake and CLA Powder. If you’re like me, I’ve never even heard of CLA. But to sum it up, it basically helps target abdominal fat stores (one of my body’s favorite places to store fat) by boosting your metabolism. It’s not a stimulant which means there’s no risk of your body burning up from the inside. Not literally but the body’s temperature would rise to deadly numbers and would kill people. It basically comes in a value sized container that lasts a month. You use two scoops daily in water or milk, depending on how you want the shake to taste. I personally just used water and it still tasted fine. The CLA powder helps to thicken the shake, you use one scoop and it makes it more filling. After drinking it, I usually don’t get hungry again until about 3 or 4 hours later, which is pretty good. I drink this to replace breakfast during work and it definitely keeps me full until lunchtime. I don’t drink this everyday (I do love actual food you know) and still have lost weight. In addition to my portion control ( I use a tool that’s in the pics above and yes it kinda looks childish), I track my steps with my apple watch and log my weight with fitbit and the Lose It app. The lose it app helps me track calories even though I suck at it. You scan the barcode on any food packaging and the nutrition facts load onto the app. You can also manually search for food. I’ve been using the shake for one month now, I started back on August 16th and I’ve lost 6 pounds.


Final Verdict: I would say if you need to lose weight and don’t have strict discipline with eating completely clean, definitely try a shake. The upfront price may seem high but for the amount of time they last, it’s worth it. The shake lasted me a month and the CLA will last me for about another two weeks. It comes in many different flavors and there’s also pre made bottles that are ready for on the go. I’m gonna keep using it probably for another month or two then go back to only portion control.

If anyone is curious about any of the things I used, you can click the buttons below to check them out. Try to catch them on sale since Amazon has a 25% off discount on both GNC products.