Teami Skinny Tea: Is It Worth It?

For those who remember, in one of my earlier posts “Trying A Meal Replacement Shake For The First Time: Is It Worth It?” I talked about some things I do to lose weight. So when I found out about Skinny Tea, I was already making great progress but wanted to switch things up as I get bored of the same things. Disclaimer: you need to be eating clean or as clean as possible to notice positive effects from the tea. It’s not a miracle drink that will make you shed 10 pounds overnight, it’s a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Teami Skinny Tea: Front.JPG

I started my diet back in August of this year and then added in the Skinny Tea back in September. I was immediately interested in it due to the claims that it would help naturally reduce cravings and help boost metabolism. It also claimed to boost energy which I will also talk about. You’re supposed to drink a cup of this in the morning before breakfast to kickstart your metabolism. You use a teaspoon of the loose leaves (pictured above) and let them steep in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. You can use this with Teami’s Tumbler (bottle with built in filter so you don’t swallow the leaves or their tea infuser which you place the leaves in and then place in a cup). You can then add a sweetener of your choice to help improve taste. It doesn’t have a horrible taste but I would recommend adding honey for a better experience. I didn’t add anything because I was lazy in the morning before work and could tolerate the taste. You can also reuse the same leaves 2-3 more times during the day if you wish.

Teami Skinny Tea: Back.JPG

Now did I notice any changes? I didn’t notice any changes in my energy levels, though it does contain some plant based caffeine. It’s supposed to help supply stable energy throughout the day without a crash from food/drinks like candy and coffee. I did notice a temporary reduction in hunger and cravings ( the main reason why I tried this) for a few hours, I’d say about 3 before I got hungry again. Definitely make sure to eat a healthy filling breakfast with this as the first few times I didn’t and was STARVING afterwards. When paired with food, this works surprisingly well. I noticed a slight decrease in bloating, not a huge amount since I’ve always suffered with a puffy stomach. I will say that I felt better mentally while drinking this. I don’t know if it was a placebo effect but just knowing I was drinking something to make myself healthier made me feel better. I felt more confident while using this. For those wanting more drastic results, it’s recommended to do the 30 day detox which includes their Skinny Tea and Colon Tea.

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So, would I recommend this? Yes! I had a good experience with this and am still drinking it. I fell off my diet due to extreme stress but am slowly getting back on and am almost using the Skinny Tea like I was before: every morning. DO NOT expect extreme weight loss using this. When used with other methods for weight loss, this definitely helps ( in my case, portion control). Interested in buying? Feel free to check out Teami Blends website below and use code “CHONIE” for 10% off your purchase!