Teami Blends 30 Day Detox Review

If you’re like me, the first thing you think of when you think about detox diets is practically starving yourself and not being able to eat anything even close to delicious (only fruits and veggies, slightly exaggerated). And when you think of detox drinks you might think of explosive diarrhea or something similar to that (I’ll get into that later). So let’s get into my first detox experience. Disclaimer: I realized I forgot to take pictures of the drinks in action, aka them prepared in a cup so forgive me.

I did my detox last month in January with high expectations. The detox lasts 30 days and consists of two teas: Skinny Tea and Colon Tea. For those who are prone to forgetting things, they also include a mini calendar that tells you when you need to take your teas and has tips on the back. I’ll break down what each tea is supposed to do and I also wrote a previous review on the Skinny Tea for those looking for a more in-depth look “Teami Skinny Tea: Is It Worth It?”.

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Skinny tea

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The Skinny Tea is used every single morning before breakfast and the leaves can be reused up to three times a day. You use a teaspoon of the leaves and steep it in near boiling water for 3-5 minutes. In actuality, you can leave the leaves in the cup the entire time if you wanted. I personally used the leaves in a tumbler which meant the leaves stayed in for over an hour at times.

Purpose: The tea is great for reducing bloating and also helps reduce cravings.

Side Effects: None

colon tea

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teami colon back.JPG

The Colon Tea is bagged unlike the Skinny Tea for convenience. You drink this every other night so in total, you only have this 15 days out of 30. It’s strongly advised to steep the tea for only 1 minute the first time you use it and slowly increase steep time. I personally increased my steep time by 15 to 30-second intervals and still experienced discomfort. It’s also advised to use this with a regular cup so you don’t steep it too long and stain your tumbler. Now you’re probably wondering if I exploded after drinking this and the answer, unfortunately, is yes. My first trip to the bathroom happened after 24 hours and at first, I was worried the tea wasn’t working because it was taking so long for my first bathroom trip. But be prepared to run to the nearest bathroom for the first couple days. Your stomach will be extremely crampy so you need to drink a lot of water (I was drinking about 64 oz or 8 cups a day when it was colon night and slacking when it was just a skinny tea day). Quick tip: drink it about an hour before bed so you can pee however much you need to. This made me pee a lot for some reason and interrupted my wind down time.

Purpose: To get rid of toxins your body is holding, specifically from your colon. This results in accelerated weight loss and increased energy.

Side Effects: Diarrhea, stomach cramps, anxiety from wondering if you can leave the house without needing to use the bathroom, frequent urination before bedtime.

my results

This diet isn’t as easy as it seems. It becomes extremely repetitive and boring very fast so it’s easy to lose motivation to continue. Combine that with feeling awful caused by the colon tea and I was ready to quit. I ended up doing this detox for only 2 weeks and ended up feeling better when I stopped.

I started off weighing 139.9 pounds and lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, leaving me at 134.7 pounds. Believe me, this product is really effective but in my opinion hard to stick with. I took progress pics along the way and you can check them out below. Pictures are in order of End of week 1, end of week 2, midway thru week 3

Would I recommend this product? I’m still 50/50 on it. It’s very effective but extremely unpleasant. I didn’t experience increased energy like it’s advertised to do. My bloating definitely decreased which I was very happy with. But, I think I’ll stick to my usual diet strategy which is just portion control and increased water intake. It produces the same results just slightly slower but with no bad side effects.

For those who are interested in trying this out or want to only try the Skinny Tea (which I actually recommend), you can use my discount code CHONIE for 10% off. For more information on the teas, click to visit the Teami Blends site below.

Also, shoutout to my ladies who suffer from bloating as well! I didn’t know if I wanted to post my pictures as they’re extremely personal but if they help someone make a decision to try this or not, I know it’s worth it.