Let's Talk About Pregnancy Scares

Sex. We all do it and it’s how babies are made. For the average person, sex isn’t done with the goal of having a baby, but for pleasure. So, when you have an accident or are just an extreme worrier, waiting for your period to come can feel like forever. This isn’t talked about, probably because it’s super personal. But I figured I’d do it to help others out or to make you laugh, so let’s get to it.

How it happens

First off, we all know that you should have safe sex. By that I mean use condoms or other forms of birth control if you aren’t actively trying to get pregnant. That sounds fine and dandy but we all know things happen. Whether you get caught up in the moment and remember afterwards or just don’t care, it’s understandable to not be perfect all the time. If you’re like me, when you think of pregnancy scares you may think of younger women. High school through college aged women seem to have the most accidents. Also, pregnancy scares can be “real” or “induced”. Real as in, maybe the condom broke and you didn’t realize until you were finished or you had unprotected sex and he ejaculated inside you. And by induced I mean you freaking yourself out and making your period late due to stress. You may constantly be thinking “I’m pregnant” even if you used a condom for example.

Waiting it out

Ok, so the deed is done and you now find yourself freaking out. Your life flashes before your eyes because you’re not ready to have a baby. You have no money, you don’t like kids, it was just a hookup, and whatever else the reason may be. Depending on whether it’s with a boyfriend, husband or even a one night stand, you’re thinking about whether or not to tell the guy that you’re scared. In a situation like this, I’m all for openly expressing my concerns with the guy. You shouldn’t have to face this alone (by all means if it’s a real scare and not an induced one-read above for reference again). Do things to take your mind off the situation, go hang out with your friends, focus on a hobby you love, maybe even take up more hours at work if it’ll keep you distracted. You DO NOT want to keep thinking about it because it might push your period back even if you aren’t pregnant (which will freak you out even more). Also, don’t symptom spot. You will think every little thing you feel is because you’re pregnant. For example, my nail fell off so I must be pregnant! Yes it’s silly but it does happen. I repeat DO NOT SYMPTOM SPOT! It will drive you crazy and make you believe you’re pregnant.

The Time Has Come

Your period is due. At this point it has either come (woohooo!) or is late. If it’s late, go ahead and get a pregnancy test. The most popular brands are First Response and Clear Blue. They come in either a digital version or a line version. Line tests are preferred over digital as digital tests require more pregnancy hormone to produce a positive result. So, if you are pregnant and take a digital test too early, you may get a false negative. Take a line test with pink dye over blue as it’s easier to read.

Waiting for your period to come can feel like forever

Waiting for your period to come can feel like forever

Feelings Afterwards

Personally, I’ve gone through this and how I felt afterwards depended on how the guy treated the situation. I had an experience where the guy was EXTREMELY worried and was basically pressuring me to get an abortion. Mind you, this is way before my period was even due. He would constantly ask me if I got my period yet, would say how much he didn't ever want kids and because of this, I was VERY STRESSED and my period was a few days late before it came (induced pregnancy scare). Ironically, the time I had a real scare is when I wasn’t really freaked out. The guy didn’t pressure me to do anything, he offered to pay for Plan B ( I don’t want to take hormones so I didn't take it) and he didn’t make a big deal out of it. He didn’t constantly ask me if I started my period and he didn’t ghost me. When it came (on time) we were both relieved but not much changed. In my eyes, he was a keeper. A guys shows his true self during a pregnancy scare. That’s my opinion of course. Pregnancy scares are known to make or break a relationship because of what I talked about, either because he was supportive or an asshole.


So to the ladies reading this (and any guys), PLEASE BE SAFE! Use condoms, birth control, and try not to rely on the pullout method. You don’t want to place all your luck in whether or not a guy has good control. Also, precum can contain sperm (the fluid that comes out before he ejaculates). To the guys, DO NOT PRESSURE THE GIRL TO DO ANYTHING SHE DOESN’T WANT TO DO! Listen to her and comfort her even if on the inside you’re scared as hell. She needs you now more than ever.