Why We Always Get Attention From The One's We Don't Want

This post doesn’t have tips or any real lessons learned. It’s more of a rant that everyone has experienced at one point or another.

I find it funny how when we actually like someone we spend our time wishing they would talk to us. Text first, call first, ask to go out sometime…basically any form of contact is good! Now, when we don’t like someone, any contact is seen as annoying. We wonder why they’re still trying to talk to us when we’re showing no signs of interest back. Do they think we’re playing hard to get? Maybe they like that?

My life at the moment is just that. Combine that with the fact that this is happening at my job and it’s a double whammy. In my last dating post, “Dealing With An Alcoholic” I talked about how I’m taking time off from seeing anyone and just focusing on myself. Yes I meant that and yes it’s going well. Now in come some temporary workers who were hired at my job. MULTIPLE people. It’s to the point where I feel like a piece of meat walking around. The stares and useless and painful conversations are irritating. This never happens with someone I ACTUALLY want to talk to. I know you may be thinking “Why don’t you just tell them to stop or that you’re not interested?” Well for one, I’m very shy and don’t like confrontation. I’m the type of person to grin and bear it with people I’m not comfortable around (it’s a different story if I’m comfortable around you). I’m trying to keep things professional, I don’t want rumors floating around the store about me so I’ll suffer in silence ( I don’t always recommend this) So for now I find myself wondering when their contract is up and if they’ll ever realize I don’t like them like that. It’s funny because everyone gets a gut feeling where you can tell if a person wants to talk to you or not. I get it, you get it, except the ones who really need to get it. But then I remember times where I showed more interest than the guy and realize everyone has been that annoying person at one time.

So for now, let me continue on meeting guys who I like, who don’t give out the attention I want and meeting guys who I don’t like who give the attention I don’t want. It’s sad and ironic but funny at the same time. If you were to catch me at work on any given day, you’d find me avoiding talking to the guys at my job and when they catch me on my lunch break ( I swear they learned my lunch break habits) I run out the break room and hide in my car (literally and not at the same time). So to the girls AND guys who experience this, I hope you feel my pain like I feel yours.