Top 5 Online Dating Safety Tips

We live in a crazy world and with the introduction of technology and online dating, we now have access to more people than ever before. Unfortunately, the odds of meeting a crazy or dangerous person has increased. Many of the things I’m going to talk about may seem like common sense, but it’s funny how when you’re personally in a certain situation you forget everything you should do. I’ve had plenty of scary and unnerving situations with online dating, so I’m going to be talking about things you should do before and after your date.

1) Don’t give out your home address

When it’s time to meet up, ESPECIALLY for the first time, don’t give them your address. I’ve had guys ask me and I assume it’s because they want to pick me up but you can never be too careful. If they do turn out to be a little “off” or you don’t enjoy being around them, you don’t want them knowing where you live in case they decide to show up one day asking where they went wrong and turning full blown crazy. You don’t need a stalker.

2) Meet in a public place

Like my previous tip, don’t allow them to pick you up at home. Meet them at the date destination. For one, it’s pretty awkward driving with someone you’ve just met (I’ve made that mistake before), not to mention dangerous. They could kidnap you and no one would know. Make sure there’s plenty of people around for safety and that the place is well lit.

3) Let someone know you’re going out on a date

Whether it’s a friend, coworker, or family member, it’s extremely important that you let someone know you’re going out. You should tell them where you’re going, what time you expect to be finished with the date, and possibly show them a picture of the person you’re going out with.

4) Check them out on social media before meeting

You can find out a lot about someone from social media. This tip is mainly to prevent yourself from being catfished. If you don’t know what catfished means, it’s when someone pretends to be someone else online. They can either use pictures of a completely different person or in my opinion, use extremely OLD pictures of themselves. I was catfished twice in the sense that the person posted very attractive pictures of themselves and ended up being larger than pictured. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy.

5) Take your time talking online

I’m guilty of being blinded by good looks and flattering conversation and then wanting to hang out as soon as possible. Don’t do this! Try to get comfortable with them through whatever app or site you met on, maybe even texting before meeting up. People WILL try to meet as soon as possible because they’re obviously horny or lonely. That’s not dangerous but you never know what motive a person has for wanting to meet so soon. I don’t have a set timeframe but I will say don’t meet them the day after matching (yes I’ve done this and luckily nothing bad happened).

Online dating is the land of instant gratification. Many people are there for a “good time, not a long time”. It’s easy for everyone to not take the process seriously and that’s how important safety measures are missed. If you think there’s anything I missed, feel free to let me know what you do to stay safe online! Also, definitely check out “Can You Spot A Narcissistic Sociopath?” This was the most TERRIFYING online dating experience of my life and another reason why you NEED to be careful online. For my other crazy experiences, click below.