The 5 Love Languages: What's Yours?

Everyone has their own way of showing love and appreciation to others, whether it be a family member, friend, or partner. Some people are more upfront about their feelings towards others while some are more stoic and reserved. This is where the 5 love languages come into play. These languages help to differentiate how certain people prefer to give and receive love.

Now you may be wondering what the 5 love languages are? Let’s get into it!

Words Of Affirmation

Giving and receiving compliments is what you’re all about. Just hearing or saying “I love you” or “I care about you” is enough to make you feel loved.

Quality Time

Spending alone time with someone is what this is all about. No distractions but full undivided attention. This can mean going on dates or even just a night in watching tv, all that matters is that you guys are together.

Receiving Gifts

If you like to surprise your partner with little or big gifts then this is your love language. You also like receiving gifts in return, say for your birthday or just random thinking of you gifts.

Acts of Service

If your idea of love is doing things for people you care about, even if it’s something you don’t like to do then this is your love language. For example, say you have a baby. You see that your partner is extremely tired so you step in and take care of the baby for a few hours without their help. You do this to make their life easier and to show that you care.

Physical Touch

If you’re all about kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc, this is how you like to show/receive love. Pretty self-explanatory, you can’t keep your hands to yourself (not a bad thing, especially in the bedroom *insert winking emoji here).

Finding Your Love Language

You might be thinking that you’re a combination of some of these, as I think most people are. But everyone has a strong preference whether they consciously know it or not. I was curious about my love language and ended up searching for some online tests/quizzes to try out. I found out that my love language is Quality Time! This explains a lot about me since I’ve always noticed that I love being around people I care about. Even if we were to just be staring at each other I would be happy (a little awkward but happy nonetheless). But hanging out and relaxing or going out and having fun are my ways of showing I care about someone.

Now if you’re curious about your love language, you can take the tests by clicking the buttons below. I personally took the first quiz and the second test is the official site of the 5 love languages. You’ll find detailed explanations of each language as well as different categories for women, men, children, singles, and couples and how they show love.

If you happen to take one of these quizzes, I’d love to know your love language! Feel free to leave a comment, and shoutout to everyone who has quality time as their love language. Actually, shoutout to everyone who’s reading this and wants to learn their love language. And don’t forget to tell the people you love that you care about them (using your love language of course)!