My Tinder Experience

Everyone's heard of the popular dating app Tinder.  Or to be more blunt, the hookup app. You swipe right on someone you find attractive and left on someone you find unattractive.  If you both swipe right on each other you get a match, and can message each other.  I first installed it back in July of 2017 just to see what is was all about.  I was out of college and didn't have many ways of meeting guys, so I was curious.  Not gonna lie, my bio in the early days was pretty laughable now that I think about it.  I didn't have many pics of myself on my phone so I had to go digging through facebook to find a couple.  I wrote an honest paragraph about myself, things I liked to do and what I was looking for.  Turns out most guys don't even read that stuff.  As I can only assume the same thing with most women, I actually started getting matches pretty quickly, and with guys I didn't think would be interested in me in real life.  By the end of the first month, I met up with my first date.  He didn't look the same in his pics but I was nice and still gave him a chance.  We would meet up every once in a while for three months total, so it wasn't a total loss.  Similar things happened with the others, I would either go out once and never hear from them again, I would never respond to them again, or we would hang out for a few months before things fell apart.  The one thing I couldn't prepare myself for was the outright disrespect and bluntness of the guys on there.  Any disgusting, degrading, offensive thing you could possibly think of was said to me, and usually as their opening line.


Some decided to ghost and pop up a later time and some started off well and got weird fast.


Now if someone were to ask me if I liked Tinder.... absolutely not!  I'm currently on a Tinder detox as I call it after a year on it.  I learned what to look for in guys who aren't good for me so for that I'm grateful.  I met two guys out of a bunch who I can honestly say I liked and had feelings for but we're not in contact.  One of them sort of changed my life which I'll talk about in a later post.  Now go ahead if you're brave enough to try it and see what your experience is.

Pros: Easy to use, good time waster when bored, exposure to different types of guys

Cons: Mainly for hooking up, easy to get feelings hurt, risk of STD's