Dating Pet Peeves

Everyone loves hearing about dating failures, at least I do. I find them entertaining until it happens to me. Just the other day I was supposed to go on a date. We had the time and place planned out…until the day came. I didn’t hear from him and I had to text him if we were still on (against my better judgement). He ended up cancelling last minute and well here I am writing this post.

That brings me to my first pet peeve: Last minute cancelling. First off, it’s just rude. It’s well known that women take longer to get ready than men. At least an hour or so (luckily for me, I text him a few hours before our planned date) beforehand is when we start getting ready. I’m assuming all guys have to do is gel their hair or something similar and they’re on their way out the door. 20 minutes tops (guys if I’m wrong, I apologize). It shows that we’re a last minute thought and not important. Of course I realize we’re not that important since it’s a first date, but be considerate.

What’s worse than last minute cancelling…. ghosting. We’ve all heard about it or done it before. It’s when you or someone you’re talking to completely stops all communication with the other person. It sucks and it hurts. Just DON’T DO IT!

The third pet peeve: asking for pictures. Now we all know what that really means. It doesn’t mean a nice cheeky smile but some naughty shots. It’s especially disgusting when someone you’ve never met before asks you to send some. Um, NO! Once again, DON’T DO IT!

Now I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way but it strongly irritates me when guys don’t have any suggestions of where to go on a date. Which then leads me to having the same first date over and over again because I always have to do the suggesting. You guys must have things you like to do in your free time, so invite a girl with you for a date. Help us help you.

This is my final pet peeve and this happens the most. Say you stop talking to the person you were seeing. Things end and you don’t talk anymore…..but they still linger on your social media pages. Shoutout to Instagram and Snapchat, they let you see who views your snaps and stories. Now this always happens to me with guys who ghost me or guys I just don’t want to see anymore. It definitely confuses me….you didn’t want to talk to me but you’ll creep on my page….riiiiight.

And those are my top dating pet peeves. Do you agree with any of them? What are your dating pet peeves? In the meantime, Happy dating everyone! For those who haven’t been in the dating scene for a while….you’re lucky.