It Works! New Business Partnership

If you follow me on social media, then you already heard about my new partnership with a health and wellness company. For those who don’t follow, here’s what you should know.

I was recently contacted by a representative from the company, It Works!. She noticed how I was posting about natural health and beauty products (I post and talk about the stuff I write on here as well) and offered me to start my own business based off the brand. Basically, I’ll be selling It Works! products with a steep discount of 40% off! I have the link to my own exclusive It Works! site where you can browse products that interest you. In order to get my discount, you MUST contact me before you order, as I will be placing the orders for you. I will be reviewing products for those who are interested and giving honest feedback as always. I don’t like recommending products I wouldn’t personally use myself.

Why am I working with It Works!? As I said earlier, I’ve been looking for natural products and brands to review and possibly partner with to extend exclusive discounts for you guys and my social media followers. Their products are geared towards weight loss/management and overall just being fit. A few products they offer include: Keto coffee, keto creamer, body wraps and applicators to tone problem areas, collagen products for healthy skin, facial cleanser and toner, vitamins, and clothing plus accessories just to name a few.

You can find the link to my site in the Exclusives Tab as well as on the bottom of every page. All you have to do is click the It Works! white and green banner. Don’t forget to contact me once you find a product/products that you like in order to get 40% off retail price. You can contact me on any of my social media accounts, on this site through the Contact Tab or on my It Works! site through the Contact Tab as well or clicking on my name on the top right of the homepage if your not on the mobile website. For mobile, it will be right up top in the middle of the page. Follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes info (I usually post what products I’ll be testing in my stories). Thank you to everyone who’s been continually supporting me by subscribing and repeatedly returning here. It means a lot, and also thank you to anyone who will be supporting me during this new business! Stay tuned for product reviews! (click the banner below to check out my site)