5 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following my work journey, you know that I was employed at a retail store that I absolutely HATED. I had to wake up every morning at 5 (extremely exhausting) and deal with a ton of work due to the company being understaffed. Enough was enough, and I finally had to cut ties. I QUIT! I’m all about toughing it out for as long as you possibly can, but eventually it takes a toll on you and it’s better for your health and sanity to leave. So, I decided to make a post about signs that signal you should quit your job. Let’s go!

1) Tension with management

It’s impossible to predict if you’ll get along with your coworkers and managers. Best case scenario is there’s one or two people you hate but the rest you can tolerate being around. But in my opinion, once you start having problems with your managers, it’s only downhill from there. At my job, a majority of my managers or LOD’s (leader of department) were rude or just downright lazy. One manager refused to fix my schedule (error on her part), so I ended up leaving early regardless. What’s funny is that when I checked to see if I was still on the schedule after I quit, I noticed that she VERY QUICKLY removed my hours. She couldn’t fix my schedule while I was working there though…..ok. Another manager was extremely lazy and would often be found in the back stockroom with me on his phone. I seemed to care more about the store than they did, while being paid less.

2) Extreme stress and anxiety whenever you think about the job or go to work

The day I quit, I ended up going into my job with my mom for moral support. Originally, the plan was to give them a doctor’s note as to why I wasn’t showing up to work (that’s a sign). On the way over, all I could think about was how I didn’t want to go. When we pulled into the parking lot, I felt extremely sick (nervous, heart racing, hot flashes) and once we got inside things only got worse. My coworkers were having a huddle right by the entrance to the store, and even though everyone saw me, no one acknowledged me. So, I ended up showing my mom around the store and all the work I was required to do. As I was showing her, I guess I had a mini panic attack and was on the verge of tears. Basically, when a job affects your health, IT’S TIME TO GO! (I still plan on writing about what exactly happened to me and why I took a previous hiatus from blogging)

3) You’re doing extra work

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoyed my job description (stocking shelves) but the environment sucked. Since nobody wanted to do their job, I was always stuck doing extra work that no one else ever did. I was working alone in MULTIPLE departments and had to help customers when needed, stock shelves, fix products that were put in the WRONG SPOT BY EMPLOYEES, clean up after customers, and stock the stockroom. That is a lot of work for one person. I was never given any help by the way. I was finally fed up when whenever I would organize the stockroom shelves and I wouldn’t be scheduled to come in the next day, my coworkers didn’t give a fuck and would completely mess up my organization. I had to put signs on the shelves telling people not to take things off and to put things back the way they found it. (These are grown adults by the way, not children)

4) You find yourself taking more days off or not showing up at all

The first two weeks after I was hired, my manager would show up to work 2 HOURS LATE. This wasn’t a one time thing but happened repeatedly. I should’ve known that this job would’ve been a disaster. To make things worse, she wouldn’t apologize for being late, mind you we were sitting outside the store since 6am. Eventually, since most managers wouldn’t open on time, I ended up waiting a max of 30 minutes before leaving to go home. I didn't care if I got paid or not. Since the manager’s didn’t care, I didn’t care. I started calling out and not showing up. Honestly, my health was more important than the job. If they want to be rude, I can be rude as well. I do want to say, I never did this at my previous jobs. It’s just that the environment was so toxic, I wanted to avoid it at all costs.

I would take pictures of me being the only one at work to show my managers. I would wait 30 minutes then leave.

I would take pictures of me being the only one at work to show my managers. I would wait 30 minutes then leave.

5) All you think about is quitting

Pretty self explanatory. A lot of people don’t like their jobs but still go because they can tolerate it. But when you think about looking for a new job or quitting for extended periods of time (in my case, it was months), it might be time to leave. It ends up affecting your job performance since you get a “I don’t care” attitude about things.


If you feel like you must quit, try to do so responsibly. Give 2 weeks notice if possible and try to have another job lined up. I ended up leaving without notice and I don’t regret it at all. I was becoming sick from my job and my health is way more important than a job that didn’t treat me well. My past job I left properly and for my future jobs I will leave the right way. I’m going to take this time to focus on myself and this blog! I love writing and now I’ll be able to have more things to write about. For more posts about my job and why I left, check them out below!