My Top 5 Favorite Skincare Products Of All Time

I don’t change my skincare routine often since I’m a fan of consistency. These products are a mix of my long time favorites with new ones I’ve come to love. Feel free to check out the product links below.

1) Ambi Even and Clear Foaming Cleanser


This product is marketed towards African American women. I need to have one thing made specifically for my skin type. I love how it foams, it so easy to wash off. Since this is my daily cleanser and I get pretty lazy at the end of each day, I need something that applies easily and washes off pretty much in go around. It’s non drying and helps whenever I have a small pimple.

2) Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner


For those who don’t know, toner goes on right after you wash your face. It helps remove any leftover dirt, makeup and oil. I bought to help reduce my acne scars on my jawline and I can slowly see a difference. It helps unclog pores and shed the top layer of skin cells to show bright skin. I was expecting it to burn and dry my face out but it didn’t. If you have sensitive skin or a lot of acne, try it on a small patch of skin first. It tingles as it works which I like but the only negative is that it can leave your face feeling kind of sticky.

3) Clean And Clear Dual Action Moisturizer


This is the only moisturizer that I use. It serves 2 purposes: treating and preventing acne, and of course moisturization. I put this on after the glycolic acid toner and it’s the final step in my nightly routine. It definitely helps dry skin ( I sometimes use this as a spot dry skin treatment) and for the most part helps with pimples. For heavy duty acne control see number 5.

4) Acure Pore Clarifying Red Clay Mask


I use this mask once a week. I put this on after I use a facial scrub ( I feel it works better that way). You leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse it off and it leaves your pores smaller, especially on your nose and your skin soft. Fun thing is that it goes on red and foams as you spread it. It does dry red again. This comes in a bigger size ( I just have the trial size) which I plan on getting.

5) Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask


I was originally going to put the Teami green tea facial scrub but I already talked about that last post. If you haven’t seen my review go check it out.

This is the big daddy of all face washes and masks. It is purely benzoyl peroxide, meant strictly for acne and oil control. It can be slightly drying so I also use this once a week as a mask. You leave it on for 5 minutes then wash it off. It leaves a cooling tingling sensation as it works which I like too. You can also use this as a basic wash, apply and rinse off immediately. The mask feature means more acne fighting and oil control. You ABSOLUTELY must moisturize after this. I don’t use my glycolic acid toner when I use this mask to prevent irritation.

*A bonus mention is the Teami Green Tea Facial Scrub.