My Top 5 Favorite Personal Care Products

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This post isn’t going to be full of any fancy or expensive products. These are the basics just for good hygiene and things I’ve stuck with for years and love. If you love short and sweet articles, this one’s for you. If anyone’s interested in buying any of these, there will be links to buy these products at the end of this post. So let’s get to it.

1) Dove Advanced Care: Clear Tone


Deodorant. If you don’t use this then….I don’t know what to say. This is obviously a must. But what makes this one so special you ask? Well, for me in particular, I’m prone to discoloration on my body (acne marks, scars after a cut heals, etc). This deodorant helps reduce armpit discoloration hence the clear tone in the name. I have noticed a slight evening of the skin so I plan to stick with it. It also smells really good and it lasts 48 hours, though I don’t who would go that long without showering to see if that’s true. A must for those who want soft, smooth and even toned armpits. (as funny as that sounds)


2) Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash


All my ladies should know what this is used for. If you don’t, it’s a feminine wash used for your “intimate” parts. It’s specially formulated for “down there” so you don’t have to worry about irritation or any infections from regular body wash. Just apply and rinse off like any regular soap.


3) Schick Intuition


I’m not a fan of disposables razors at all, I feel like they’re too flimsy. This is a razor with a sturdy handle and with refillable blades that come already lathered. You don’t need to use shaving cream with this ( I love convenience)! Just wet the blades and start shaving. These last a long time but don’t wait too long to switch out the blades unless you want razor cuts from dull blades (ouch).


4) Vaseline

IMG_1573 2.JPG

Good old vaseline. Petroleum jelly can come in handy in many ways, my personal favorite is to use it as chapstick. I get the mini tubs so it lasts longer. I also use regular chapstick on the go but this is my favorite. A little bit goes a long way, especially with it getting colder outside.


5) Revlon Tweezers


Now the brand isn’t that important for this one. We all know what these are used for: plucking hair. It’s a fun and absolutely pain free process (sarcastic tone used). Whether you’re cleaning up your eyebrows or getting rid of that dreaded chin hair or upper lip fuzz (haha), these are a must for the ladies who don’t wax.