My Favorite Period Tracker Apps

Periods. No, not the end of a sentence but mother nature in all her glory. A love hate relationship: it means you’re baby free but then have to suffer for about a week as a reward. I talked about in a previous post “Birth Control Pills: The New Candy And Why I Stopped” how I was on birth control for seven years before I quit. During that time, I had no reason to track my period. So it was quite a shock when I had to “learn” all over again about my period: The length of my cycle, the length of my actual period itself and my fertile days. I’ve been using period tracker apps for a year and a half now, before that I used the old fashioned calendar method. I would write my period start and stop days and then count X amount of days to when I would approximately be expecting the next period. This post is for all the ladies who are interested in period tracking or maybe for those who are looking for a new period app.

For those wondering, all these apps are free from the Apple App Store and I would assume the Google Play Store (sorry I don’t know much about Androids). Glow and Eve have the option for you to upgrade for deeper tracking information (useful if you’re trying to conceive). All apps allow you to track your health as well, with tips and information on what’s normal during a certain point in your cycle.


First let’s start with my favorite. Glow is my most used period tracking app. I find it to be the most accurate compared to my other two apps. The app overview: It tracks your cycle length, period length, fertile window (days in which you’re most likely to get pregnant) and overall health. There’s also a very nice community feature which lets you answer and ask questions to the glow community as it’s called. A nice touch for those who are concerned about privacy is that there’s the option to be anonymous. There’s different groups ranging from relationships, sex, and just straight up random topics. Fertility is tracked using percentages with 33% being the highest. (yes that’s the highest chance of pregnancy for a healthy woman each cycle..and yes I thought it would be higher) There’s a dedicated fertility center (which I obviously don’t have much interaction with) so feel free to check that out for those who are wanting babies anytime soon. If I had to give this app a rating, it would be 5 stars. I absolutely love this app and don’t plan on switching anytime soon.


Now Eve is part of a trio of apps from glow. There’s Glow, Eve and then the Glow Pregnancy App. Eve is targeted for younger users and was the first app I stuck with when I got off birth control. I liked it because it was simple (very much so in comparison to my other two apps). It tracks the same things as Glow: cycle length, period length, fertile window, and general health. The community is the same as glow. Polls and posts can include pretty much anything. It has the same groups as in the Glow app. Fertility is tracked using percentages with 33% being the highest it goes. The calendar is exactly the same as with Glow. Overall, I would recommend this app if you like simplicity. It’s pretty accurate and I like how it tracks my cycle length out of all the apps.


Last but not least, Ovia. I definitely use this one the least out of the three. I think this one is the most “professional one”. It doesn’t have the same visual appeal like Glow and Eve, it’s more straight facts about your fertility. This one is the best choice in my opinion for those who are trying to get pregnant. There’s a community for this app as well, but honestly it sucks. You can try it out but there’s not much interaction: just limited questions (X amount of characters allowed). No entertaining polls here, just strictly period and fertility. Fertility is tracked using a 1-10 rating. 1 being not likely to get pregnant and 10 being extremely fertile.


Now that everyone knows my cycle this month (haha), did any of these apps look appealing to you? Are you a fan of period tracking on apps? Or are you old fashioned and doing the calendar method like I was. What period tracking apps do you use? I hope anyone reading this isn’t on their period and if you are…just eat that chocolate and relax.