Instagram: A Love/Hate Relationship

Instagram. We all know it. We all love it (maybe not everyone). I made an account back in 2012 during my junior year of high school. By then, I had already made a Facebook and Twitter account but wanted to try something new. A site dedicated to photos: sharing, liking, and commenting seemed really cool. Looking back I laugh because my phone at the time had a horrible camera. If you were to look at the pictures I took early on in my Instagram career, you would barely be able to make them out. I had a knockoff Android (which at the time I loved) and iPhones weren’t even on my radar at that time.

The Perfect Profile

When I started my blog, I was faced with the decision on whether to keep my old pictures up on my profile or to delete them. Since my profile was now public, I wanted to make a great first impression on anyone stopping by. So to satisfy my professional and sentimental wishes, I slowly deleted my old pictures as I uploaded new ones. This brings me to my first point: There’s pressure to have a perfect profile. This didn’t matter to me so much when I wasn’t blogging. But now it’s very important. My profile is my “brand”. It has to look good to represent me, it has to stand out against competitors (fellow bloggers) or at least blend in. All my pictures have to be of amazing quality and be interesting. Before, I posted any and everything, it was all about fun. It still is about fun, but I have to be more conscious.



I’ve seen this happen plenty of times. Someone on my timeline posts a picture. It doesn’t get many likes so I assume they delete it. Some time later, I see the same picture posted with a different caption and more likes. There’s pressure to be popular and everyone wants to get the most likes. I’ve never been popular on instagram and didn’t care how many likes I got, I just liked sharing my photos. But this leads me to my next point.

Thirst Traps/Insta-thots/Seductive Pictures

Instagram has basically turned into a soft porn website. Wherever you go, there’s always a a half naked picture or video of a woman. Of course these pictures/videos get many likes (what guy isn’t going to like that) but obviously it’s not because it’s quality content. Just go on the Explore page and see how many provocative pictures you see. I bet at least a handful. (I’m talking about all those “fitness models” who only workout their butt)


Ah, yes. My biggest pet peeve of social media: when someone stops talking to you yet they still linger on your profile. Liking your pictures, watching all your stories or just creeping on your profile. I’ll never understand this, since I just delete the person as a friend and move on with my life. But whatever floats your boat, do you. Since I’ve made my profile public, I’ve noticed people from my past being nosy and I just laugh.


Maybe this only bothers me, but I hate people who use a ton of hashtags that have nothing to do with their picture. Hashtags are used to gain followers or get likes, so I understand why someone would use ones that relate to their picture. Just stop cheating and using every hashtag known to man, it’s annoying and can eventually limit you from being seen by others (shadowbanned).

Follow for Follow/Like for Like

Lastly, my biggest pet peeve of them all. You open your Instagram app and noticed someone followed you. You’re happy and check out their profile. It interests you so you follow them back. You then notice some time later that they’ve unfollowed you. Unfortunately, this is what many people do to gain followers quickly. They’ll follow pretty much anyone, wait for a followback and then unfollow you. Some people might not even notice if they don’t use a third party Instagram followers app that lets you know who unfollowed you. It seems like nothing’s authentic anymore. What happened to the days of just following an account because you actually liked their content?

With all that said, I still love Instagram. It’s my favorite social media to find funny memes and videos and to connect with friends and people from my past. I just thought I’d share what I’ve noticed over the years.

What do you hate that happens on Instagram? Do you agree with my pet peeves? What’s your favorite social media site? Feel free to comment! For now, Happy Instagramming!