How To Spot A F*ckboy!

Sorry for the vulgar language that may be used in this post. Now, what’s a fuckboy you may ask? My definition of a fuckboy is: A guy who is only using a girl for sex. That doesn’t mean every guy who wants sex is a fuckboy. Usually, it’s a guy who doesn’t let the girl know that he’s only after sex until AFTER they’ve had sex. Messed up, you’re right! So how can you spot a fuckboy? I sadly have plenty of experience with these types and thought I’d share some of the things I noticed. So let’s get to it!

This isn’t supposed to be a banana *wink wink

This isn’t supposed to be a banana *wink wink

1) He’s only interested in talking about sex

We all know guys love sex. Heck, even girls do (don’t hide it)! But when you text them about anything other than dirty talk, they barely contribute to the conversation. If you say you couldn’t stop thinking about them and how you need them (insert graphic details here), well then all of a sudden they can text you for hours straight.

2) He never wants to go out

If the only times you see him are at night, you’re nothing but a booty call. He doesn’t want to waste time and money on you and just wants to have sex with you.

3) Netflix and Chill

I hate this term but unfortunately guys sometimes blatantly ask if you want to do this! Basically this means, “Let’s fuck”. There will be no movie watching. If there is, only expect to watch 5 minutes of the movie.

4) He avoids your texts or calls

I’ve personally caught a guy on social media, liking pictures and such, and I immediately knew he was ignoring me. He ended up texting me back A FEW DAYS LATER! Safe to say, I said goodbye immediately. If you catch him online (this is extremely easy to do), you know he saw your text or missed phone call. Everyone’s phone vibrates, rings, and leaves a NOTIFICATION on the home screen. You can’t avoid that. He’s ignoring you, so move on.

5) Ghosting

The easiest way to spot a fuckboy is to see if he ghosts you. What is ghosting? Ghosting is when someone cuts all communication with another person without any explanation. One day they’re saying hi and then the next you think they died somewhere. Guys are known to do this after they have sex (no, not all guys) with a girl. So, if you don’t get a response from a guy for a while and you’ve hooked up, he’s probably not into you and is gone for good.

6) He avoids emotions and “defining the relationship”

If he senses that you want something more than casual, he’ll slowly back off. He’ll reduce texting and if he doesn’t he’ll completely avoid anything that deals with your emotions. Bet he’ll be back when he’s horny though.

7) Tinder

Need I say anything more? If you go on Tinder, expect to find NOTHING but fuckboys on there! DON’T DO IT!

You’re probably going to run into a bunch of these guys before you find “The One”. Don’t worry, it’s not hopeless. Hopefully these tips can help you out. If you notice a guy displaying any of these signs, RUN! Are there any things you notice that guys do? Comment below! You can also check out my other Dating posts below. This is honestly becoming my favorite topic to write about, so go now!