Teami Repair Facial Oil: Is It Worth It?

I’ve been using Teami Blends green tea facial scrub in addition to my usual skincare products and have been happy with the results. So I decided to try another one of their products to see if I would get more positive results. This time I tried their Repair Facial Oil, which is made from Chamomile Flower, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E. The chamomile is supposed to fade acne scars and prevent breakouts ( the main reason I wanted to try this out), Vitamin E is supposed to reduce wrinkles (for those who are trying to prevent aging of your skin), and block free radicals, while the Jojoba Oil is supposed to moisturize. Now compared to the Green Tea Scrub which is about 75% natural, this product is 100% natural which I was really happy about. For those wondering about the price, this product costs $40. (don’t worry, I have a discount code if you’re interested)


Going into using this, I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never used oil on my face before. This is ok for use with all skin types and even on your body. (not just your face) I normally use acne prevention moisturizer, which is really easy to apply and doesn’t have the most appealing scent. With this product, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it smelled. It smelled like a light perfume, which caught me off guard. But since there’s no manmade ingredients it must come straight from the chamomile. By the way, the chamomile flowers are actually seen inside the bottle! I find that really appealing as it makes the product seem more real and high quality.


It moisturizes really well (I would hope so since it’s pure oil) and applied fairly easy after warming up. The directions say to place 2-5 drops onto your fingertips or hand and rub until it’s warmed up. Then you apply to your face. Well, since I’m all about convenience and didn’t want oily hands, I applied the drops straight onto my face. It ended up not spreading as easily as I would like and the coverage didn’t go far. I ended up having to use 5 drops and as I rubbed the oil on my face it eventually became easier to spread. In my defense, I noticed that the end of the dropper was curved, so I assumed they designed it like that for easier face application (which it did help). So my tip, follow the directions and use on your hands first then apply to your face! (and to think I usually follow directions) It didn’t leave a sticky feeling behind and left my skin really soft and smelling amazing!


I plan on using this a few times a week in addition to my salicylic acid moisturizer since I have a bond with that product with how good it works for my skin. (haha) I definitely plan on using this any time I use a face mask and need deep hydration that’s non irritating. ( I skip acne products and my glycolic acid after using masks and heavy duty facial scrubs to reduce irritation) With time I want to swap out my products with natural ones like this ( I plan on testing more natural skincare products), so the goal is to completely switch out my old products to use natural ones on a daily basis. For those who were hoping for pictures, there really was no difference with how my skin looked after using this, more so with how it felt. If you were interested in seeing pictures during application, feel free to check out my “Teami Green Tea Facial Scrub: Is It Worth It? review. For my facial skincare routine products, which I mentioned two in here, check out my “Top 5 Favorite Facial Skincare Products Of All Time”.

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