P.S. Yes I love snapchat filters (with glasses of course)

P.S. Yes I love snapchat filters (with glasses of course)


About Me

Hey, my name's Chon'telle.  I'm 23 years old and from West Babylon, New York.  It's actually on a little island called Long Island, and yes there's more to New York than the city. I moved pretty consistently throughout my childhood which could be considered a good and bad thing. I have four siblings, three brothers and a sister, of which I'm the fourth of five children.  I went to college for three years to be a registered nurse but surprisingly, life had other plans. I'm now planning out my next move to continue in the medical field and working your average retail job.  My absolute loves are food (a girl's gotta eat), music, animals, gardening, and technology (aka expensive gadgets that are kinda useless).  A bonus addition is my car, a 2015 Kia Forte which was my first big girl purchase.

This blog is to help capture my thoughts and experiences. I want to make my content as relatable as possible to readers and writing about things I’ve gone through seems to be the perfect way. This is how I came up with my blog name, Chon’telle: My Own Public Journal. Pretty much anything is up for discussion. You can expect my posts to be short and sweet, I know how it can be reading long articles (boring). Think of this as a guilty pleasure! Everything I write is my opinion, and isn’t meant to offend anyone.

My goal is to help others learn from my mistakes and to not take life so seriously. I would love to hear feedback and comments from you guys.

I hope you enjoy,


P.S., at the bottom of every page is a collection of all my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. For more feel free to follow me on Instagram @chonie07!